To improve 3-stone and other traditional wood cookstoves, Sun24 has designed a hyper-inexpensive method to raise firewood off the ground.  Over 2 billion people cook with wood.  Most women build their fires by putting a few sticks on the ground and building up from there.  By just elevating the wood and allowing air to circulate under it, fires burn hotter, require less firewood and emit less smoke.  This can be accomplished by putting small metal rods (rebar) into the opening of the stoves or bending the rods to form a shelf, sort of an upside down “U” with a flat top.  The elevator is pushed into the ground inside of the stove openings.  Rebar is everywhere. 

The stoves and elevators are being tested by over 70 partner NGO’s in 17 countries in the developing world.  These partners will assist in finding networks to spread the design.  Sun24 is distributing the designs, not the stoves and elevators.

Here is an overview of our cookstoves projects.