“The Catholic Diocese of Kiyinda-Mityana is partnering with Sun24 to distribute thousands of solar lights to Ugandans without electricity.  The solar lights allow families to extinguish their filthy, dangerous and expensive kerosene lamps.  These solar lights have been a blessing to Ugandans of all faiths.  The program has mostly been piloted so far in Kiyinda-Mityana diocese with the expectations that it will be rolled out throughout Uganda.” Bishop Joseph Zziwa

Kiyinda-Mityana Diocese, Uganda


“Thanks to you for your prompt response to the appeal in the Sun24 programme.  You have already made a great difference in the lives of those who have never seen a light lamp.  You have enabled them to dispel darkness.  I am grateful to you for helping my Diocese to become part of this Sun24 programme.  I pray that with your help we will be able help our poor people to see the world in a different manner.”

Bishop Ludovick Minde

Diocese of Kahama, Tanzania

“I have overseen the distribution of thousands of solar lights throughout Uganda. Our partnership with Sun24 is easing a great need of the poorest of poor in my country.” Father Michael Mukasa, Director

Caritas Kiyinda Mityana Diocese, Uganda

“In my diocese, few homes have electricity.  Most people use kerosene lamps for lighting, but not without side effects.  Kerosene lamps cause many accidental fires and cause lung disease and headaches.  Kerosene is expensive for these mostly subsistence farmers. The Sun24 solar lights are a blessing.” Father Emmanuel Tamale

Kiyinda Mityana Diocese, Uganda

“In our twin parish in Nalweyo, Uganda, very few households have electricity.  Working with Sun 24, my parish plans to give a solar lamp to every family in our twin parish.  Since the cost per lamp is so low, our goal is for Blessed Trinity to provide 10,000 solar lamps.” Father Pat Sheedy

Blessed Trinity Catholic Church, Ocala, Florida

“In my Parish especially in the interior villages people only know about kerosene lamps which provides light in their darkness. To have a light from solar is a magic to them. They are very alien to such a word. On giving seminar on Solar Lamps which provides light with no cost at all has brought revelations to them. I am glad to help such people with Sun24 who will see better and avoid uses of kerosene and its dangerous effects on life and environment” Father Andrew Siasa

The Holy Name of Jesus Parish, Bukombe, Tanzania

“Growing up in Uganda, my family had no electricity.  We used filthy kerosene lamps that blackened the walls and ceiling.  At night, I had to wash the black soot from my nose with a wet cloth and soap.  My eyes often burned from the smoke.  Sun24 is a blessing to many.” Sister Juliet Ateenyi, IHMR

Blessed Trinity Catholic Church, Ocala, Florida

“Too many children die and are injured from kerosene fires and drinking kerosene.  Recently, a mother and her two children died when the children opened the lip of the bucket with kerosene and thinking it was water, drank it.  They then spilled it and it caught fire which was beyond control.  The Sun24 has and am sure will make a big difference in saving and protecting life and environment.” Doctor Jephter Zacharia

Bukombe Hospital, Geita, Tanzania

The teen on the right severely burned his right hand as a young boy in a fire caused by a kerosene lamp.  He continued to use that same kerosene lamp until he recently received a Sun24 solar light.

Kahama, Tanzania